RFbeam Microwave GmbH is a leading supplier of planar Radar sensors, K-band measuring equipment and engineering. Our product range covers simple low cost Doppler devices as well as state-of-the-art digital and superhet transceivers and systems. Typical applications are movement and industrial sensors, traffic supervision and analyzer systems, sport measurement equipment and many other uses.

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Who we are

RFbeam Microwave GmbH is situated in St.Gallen, Switzerland. We are your powerful and responsive partner for standard and customer specific Radar products, engineering services and application support. Manufacturing is provided by selected and ISO certified production partners. RFbeam Microwave GmbH is a reliable and creative partner with a worldwide customer base.

What we do

We develop and deliver short range microwave sensors and solutions for industrial and OEM ( original equipment manufacturer ) customers. RFbeam is also a specialist for antenna design and general microwave circuit engineering. Our products are used in movement and industrial sensors, traffic supervision and analyzer systems, sport measurement equipment and many other applications.

Infrastructure and Experience

RFbeams works with state-of-the-art simulation and engineering tools such as CST Microwave Studio, Altium Designer, LabVIEW. Our own K-TS1 Testsystem serves as adjustment tool during production and as final inspection and quality tracking system. Engineering is powered by the experience, creativity and knowledge of our engineers.

Why use radar

For several years, planar radar technology has enabled the realisation of small, cost effective and robust sensors. Radar is an inherently robust technology that can be used even under harsh environmental conditions. Our radar sensors are used for so called short range radar applications covering distances from centimetres to a few hundred metres.

Standard products

Our primary business is volume sales of radar transceiver units to OEM customers. RFbeam standard products cover many applications in the 24GHz band. This standardized frequency allows the license-free usage of our products. RFbeam also has many starter kits and evaluation-systems, what allows you to quickly learn the possibilities and advantages of radar technology. Our standard products...

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RFbeam also provides engineering services. This includes the design of custom hardware, schematics and PCB-Layout work as well as production of prototypes and larger quantities. Our lab is equipped for measurements up to 110GHz. Do you need a custom antenna design ? — Ask our antenna experts ! Whether you are looking for standard antennas as Patch or Horn or more complex Vivaldi or...

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Customised Products

Do you need a modified version of a RFbeam radar transceiver? — Whether the changes involve the size, the antenna pattern, the frequency or other electrical characteristics of a product, RFbeam is your partner to design a customized version of a Radar transceiver. Such a design includes cost optimization as well as the industrialization, so your product can be produced and...

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